Alaskan Summer

by Haverford

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After discovering Spirit Bear.


released July 3, 2014

Aaron Masih
Anthony Stano
Billy Mannino
Connor Ramert
Mark Masterson

Trumpet on The Great Bear Rainforest courtesy of Andrew Cunningham
Album art by Laura Murray
Recorded by Billy Mannino and Mark Masterson mixed by Billy Mannino at The Haverford Studio - Mastered by: Azimuth



all rights reserved



Long Island, New York

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Track Name: Monuments
I'd like to be something more than what you keep;
a tiny pause before you speak
The Compass to your dreams;
the one you keep close by at night when you go to sleep

We'd go climb up every tree
Believe in lakes but not in boundaries
Revel in the light because home means that we're alive

We could see the monuments;
both laugh at our regrets
How we're glad the way things went
I only wish we could map my head

Because I want sunsets at our back
I want you singing in my lap
I want you anywhere I'm at;
I'll love you anywhere I'm at

Do you breathe when I meet your glare?
The one I see when you're not there
I'd run my fingers through your hair

But you're not there
You're not there
But I'll get there
Track Name: Alaska
I want to understand my dreams
Why my head feels like it's leaking, why I'm sleeping
Why's there no one next to me?
I need to better know the space you hide your teeth in

I just need someone to believe with; a new surprise
The same house for years but I still can't find the light

But I'm better when I'm rested
I need a challenge not just testing
I need your head upon my back
You let me relax

I'm home if you should call
I'm whole if you let go
I'm home if you're at the deepest part of the ocean floor

Life; the right way has been there the entire time
I was too busy waiting for an invite

To bliss, no remiss, pulling hair of off your lips
It's funny what you find out when you've got someone to miss
Jammed doors, winter floors, when it's warmer we'll explore
It's funny when I found you I forgot what I came here for

I'm home if you should call
I'm whole if you let go
I'm home if you're at the deepest part of the ocean floor
If you're down then let me know

I'm finding it hard to pretend to want to spend time with anyone but you
I do; I hope you're learning something new
I'm learning something I've got to
Something I never got to

Now I'm singing in the streets
Track Name: Juneau
Seek escape, find a place
Alaskan summer; I'll get there someday

I'll be relaxing
watching you back in from our front porch
I'll be recapping

Summers that we spent; places that we slept
I'll live in your bed; I relax in your head

Summer; look for bears
Flowers in your hair
I was unprepared
I was wrong; I'll get there

I'll get there
Track Name: Aaron's Party
We should hang at night
We should learn to fly
Go to the other side of earth
We could get high and sleep inside the dirt

Never hurt
Never tire, never work but we'd still know how much we're worth
We're of the earth
And we've got places to exist in

Like Western Pennsylvania where I saw an orchard with your name on it
I was burning circles in the crops
Hoping that you'd see it from up top

I want you on top
I want you on lock
I want you anyway I can just never stop

I used to know what was next for me, now I just want you next to me
I used to make a mess of peace but I found where to look
It's more fun to believe

I'm used to doing this all wrong
I'm out of step, out of breath
I love what's next, I love this song;
and all those high notes you hit driving home
I wasted time alone, that's time we could have been gone
Track Name: The Great Bear Rainforest
A house on a hill
Mountains to pay my bills
Keyboards I'll rarely play, I never had skills anyway
But I've got you and I've got arms like windmills

You make me sway; I had never wanted you to stay
Hey, I know I don't have a lot to say

You made me see-through
You've got me following you
You've got me crawling into places I thought I out grew

And I just lay; I only want you to stay
I swayed; I think you're the best decision I made

We sleep through the things we don't want to do
The radio in my bed as we paint all the walls blue
My head seeps; you know it cracks and spurs leaks
It's spilling out to the streets through all the people we meet

We'll build an ark to get through
We'll be the crew me and you
We'll just lay

Or use existence as a vessel
We can sleep or we can wrestle
I'll avoid what might remind someday the both of us will die

I hope you don't mind
I hope you see me eye to eye, all the faces that we make
All the ways that we can sway

I hope you don't want me to go too faraway to live
You know I want to stay
I've got some love to give and insecurities

I hope you're taken by surprise sometimes
I'm not bored
I swear I'm looking at your eyes
I'm drawing constellation lines from stars we ripped out of the sky

I know I'm a never ending cycle of repeating every night
I'm not bored, I've been watching tv through reflections in your eyes
In your eyes, I hope you're taken by surprise sometimes

I could lie here for my entire life
My tired life
Track Name: Rain Candle
There's a chain of islands; a dream
It's not sad there even when it rains
I think that's you; I think you drip down window panes
I think that's you; you feel like Sunday

You're not yet real but I feel safe
I can see you in a book of pictures I might one day take
And on that bluff as our roots spur into view we'll call it love
We'll call it sky blue

I sense adventure and I can't wait to explore
Always moving but always at home

The view makes me feel everything at once
You make me feel everything at once

Someday I'll be more than just alive
Someday when the rain falls heavy all the candles and the flowers will all stay bright
We'll all stay bright