State Lines and Haverford

by Haverford

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released April 2, 2013

Anthony Stano
Billy Mannino
Connor Ramert
Mark Masterson



all rights reserved



Long Island, New York

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Track Name: Everything In-Between
I wanna wake up, and not feel tired, do more than spectate, take part as events transpire but as it stands now, I see nothing I want from life.

It's getting harder to warrant even leaving my head most nights
It's just so cold and it's so wet, why bother trying and failing when everyone just forgets?

I need something to grant me direction, give me back all my passions and end all of this stifling introspection
Allow me feelings besides remorse, recall the dreams I once cared for and show me I can still get back on course

I heard the roads looks really nice this time of year, I can drive up and down them but when I get tired I still lay my head here.
But this is not where I need to be, take me back to the years when I still had a personality.

It's hard to care when I'm sure all your interests died, and I've accepted there's no deeper meaning outside of where I reside
Track Name: Seal Mountain
I imagine this is how it feels to die, to want nothing more than to close your eyes.
But What's yearning without tossing and turning? And what's it feel like to realize a dream and not be haunted by its recurring?

I shouldn't ponder after things I'm not prepared for
I should maintain this low standard and just be careful

Things are bad enough as is, where the only problem is myself
But right now, I'm ready to collapse under the weight of someone else

I know there's distance but most of it's on my end, I'm unstable, I need something more permanent

I shouldn't ponder after things I know I'm not prepared for, I should maintain this low standard and just be careful

I feel detached, I fear I'm boring, but maybe when I get back we'll go exploring